Snow Removal Terms & Conditions

2019 - 2020 Snow Removal Season

Thank you for choosing Terrace Snow Removal as your service provider this winter.  We look forward to taking care of your property!


Terms & Conditions

Designated Service Areas

Our standard service areas include; the driveway and the front walkway up to the front door.  We understand that you may need other areas cleared including but not limited to; city walkways, back walkways, dog runs, decks, carports, etc.  We request that you inform us of all areas you require to be cleared prior to the start of the season.  We will outline these service areas in your proposal and on your monthly invoices and include a map outlining the service areas.  Any area that is not illustrated in the map will not be serviced.

ICE Program

During the course of the winter season, weather conditions may cause freeze/thaw periods that result in ice build-up on your property.  These icy conditions pose a safety risk to both you the customer and to our staff who service your property.  Our snow removal services do not include the removal of ice build-up and we do not accept any liability for slips and/or injuries that may result from icy or slippery conditions.  We offer an add-on ICE Manageent program that includes the application of environmentally friendly ice melt for when ice build-up occurs.  If your property is prone to icy conditions, please let us know and we will happily provide an estimate for this service.

Hard Packed Snow

Following a snow event, it is much easier and quicker to clear undisturbed snow.  Although we appreciate the thoughtful gesture when our customers clear a portion of the walk/driveway, that piled-up snow can quickly freeze and actually increase the amount of time and workload it takes to clear.  This added time can add up, and other customers are left waiting longer for their property to be cleared.  We kindly ask that you disturb the snow as little as possible until our crews have serviced your property.  We also understand that our customers have busy lives, and can't wait until the snow is cleared to leave their house.  If your schedule requires you make several trips to and from your home, we ask that you park on the street until we are able to service your property.  It is relatively easy to remove a set of tire tracks or footprints.  However, it is very difficult to remove snow that has been driven over and walked over multiple times.  Our crews will not scrape surfaces that have been driven over multiple times forming a hard-packed snow layer.

Garbage & Recycling Bins

Unfortunately, we cannot schedule when a snow event will take place.  Occasioanly, it snows during our customer's garbage collection day.  We kindly request that on these days, you place your waste bins 6 feet away from your approach so our crews can efficiently service your property.  The extra 60 - 90 seconds it takes our crew to move your bins can quickly add up to multiple hours over the 100's of customers we serve in a day.

Driveway Markers

Often times, our crews are dispatched to serve our customers in less than ideal weather conditions.  This may include blowing snow, blizzard conditions, or at night in the dark.  To ensure our crew members can properly identify the correct addresses and that snow is cleared edge to edge, we provide an identification driveway marker on each side of our customer's approach.  These driveway markers are set-up before the winter season and then collected again at the beginning of April.  There is no extra cost for this exclusive feature we provide.

Extension Cords and Other Loose Items: 

Please make sure that all extension cords and loose items are removed from your driveway, walkways, and any other areas that are expected to be cleared. Hidden obstructions can cause expensive property damage and create a potential safety hazard to our team.  By hiring Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. for snow removal, you will not hold Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. liable for any damages caused by obstructions and/or hidden obstacles. By hiring Terrace Property Maintenance Ltd. for snow removal, you also agree to take full liability for any property damage and/or injuries to our personnel and equipment caused by obstructions and/or hidden obstacles.

Concerns Regarding Service Quality:

Our goal is to provide a consistently high-quality service. If you ever feel like we are not living up to that standard, please tell us immediately! ,  And if there is ever an issue, no matter how small you think it may be, please send an email to -- that way we have a record of your concern and can address it as quickly as possible!

The First Few Visits:

During the first few visits, our crews will not be fully accustomed to all of the nuances of your property. If something gets missed, please let us know immediately so it can be corrected as soon as possible.

Communication During Major Storms:

During major snowstorms, our customers can become anxious; so if you do need to contact us, we recommend sending an email to An email notification is sent out following each snow event to update our customers on the service times for their property. This allows us to focus our efforts on clearing your snow instead of answering phones, meaning your property is taken care of faster!

Snow Day

Every few years, mother nature throws us an extreme blizzard.  Often times, a customer will call during these events requesting special immediate service so they won't get "stuck" in their driveway.  We would like to remind all customers that for their own safety, please postpone or reschedule your engagements.  Chances are, even if we were able to clear your driveway immediately, you wouldn't be able to drive on the street.

Scope of Services: 

In short, we clear when fresh snow accumulations exceed  2 cm.  We begin once the snow event has ended.  

Parked Car Policy:

We understand that many of our clients use their driveway to park one or more of their vehicles.  Following each snow event, we ask that you park your vehicle(s) in your garage or on the street so our crews can quickly & efficiently service your property.  This ensures your entire service area is cleared properly and prevents any risk of accidental damages occurring to your vehicle. Our staff is unable to call ahead, knock on your door or wait for your vehicle to be moved as we have many other customers who are anxiously awaiting service.  Our crews will not re-shovel your driveway if you decide to move your vehicle after it has already been cleared.  Additional charges will apply if crews are required to return to clear areas previously blocked by vehicles or obstructions.

Windrows & Snow Drifts:

Following heavy snow events, it is likely city snow contractors will be clearing residential streets and lanes.  This usually results in windrows that may block access to your back lane or front walkway. We ask that you contact us to let us know and a Terrace Snow Removal crew will be dispatched to clear the windrow free of charge.  If your front driveway is blocked by a windrow we ask that you contact 311 as the city is responsible for clearing all front driveway approaches. During high wind events, we may experience wind drifts and blown-in snow. Following the end of these high wind events, crews will be dispatched to check on your property and clear any snow that may have blown in.

Frequently Asked Questions



We take our responsibility to clear your snow seriously. Over the years our employees have encountered numerous hidden obstructions including extension cord,  bricks, rocks, garden hoses, shingles, garbage bags & debris and downspouts that were carelessly left on sidewalks. Therefore we must make the following points to ensure that the safety of our staff and our ability to clear your snow is not compromised. 




Please be sure to remove any and all obstructions to enable efficient snow clearing. Downspouts should be removed or placed in the upright position. Garden hoses, bricks, patio lights, extension cords, and all other objects should be removed from the driveway and areas touching the edges of the driveway. Plastic patio lights adjacent to sidewalks should also be removed. Planters should be moved away from sidewalks and driveways wherever possible. Sump or grey water hoses must be kept away from the driveway and sidewalks. You should be aware that, although we may not damage any items left near the edges of your driveway or sidewalks, the weight of the snow being piled in the areas, along with the power of freezing and thawing ice, can cause more damage than you might expect. Please remove what you can to avoid any unnecessary issues. We will not be held responsible for slips or falls at your property. We cannot control weather conditions which may cause melting and refreezing of ice. We cannot anticipate clogged downspouts or eaves troughs that might overflow or disperse onto paved areas. We cannot predict or affect the drainage or runoff from your driveways or sidewalks. We cannot control the activities of the homeowner, or third parties on or near your driveway or sidewalks, that might result in the formation of slippery surfaces.

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